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Innovative Industrial Solutions brings over 25 years of experience to every industrial cleaning job. We have the knowledge and drive to get it done right - first time, every time.  

We use only top of the line, professionally maintained equipment with fully trained and experienced operators. Whether it’s full-service cleaning or cleaning equipment rental, Innovative Industrial Solutions delivers exceptional results to clients in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities of Peel, Halton, Durham, Hamilton, York, Niagara, Wellington, and Waterloo.


Emergency Flood Recovery

The vacuum suction technology in our extensive fleet of Tennant Industrial Scrubber units are the ideal solution for cleaning up excess water in your facility after a flood. The flood water is picked up into recovery tanks for removal, leaving a dry floor for safety and cleanliness. With a variety of machines in our fleet, we can service facilities of any size, as a full-service or equipment rental.

Emergency Flood Clean-up
McMaster Children’s Hospital

When the underground portion of McMaster Children’s Hospital flooded, Innovative Industrial Solutions delivered ten rental units to clean up the water as quickly as possible. The Tennant floor scrubbers, ranging in size from walk-behind to our largest ride-on scrubbers, allowed the customer to contain the flood and begin the clean-up process without delay.

The large recovery tanks in these rental units picked up significant amounts of water very quickly, allowing it to be removed from the area and disposed of. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that our ever-growing rental fleet means that when they call, we will deliver. If you need two units or ten, our state of the art rental equipment is always available.


Interested in having your facility cleaned by experienced professionals? Contact Innovative Industrial Solutions.  Clean. Reliable. Guaranteed.


24 Hour
Flood Relief

We have Ontario’s largest rental fleet of Tennant floor cleaning equipment. This means we can respond to any call for emergency flooding cleanup, even when several pieces of equipment are required.

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