Whether it be for a large industrial warehouse, an underground parking garage, outdoor parking area, or small industrial shop, choosing the right equipment for the job is important.

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Choosing the right Equipment

Whether it be for a large industrial warehouse, an underground parking garage, outdoor parking area or small industrial shop choosing the right equipment for the job is key. Our extensive fleet of Tennant cleaning equipment has options for whichever type of industrial cleaning you are tackling. In being able to provide answers to many of the questions below when calling our rentals desk our rental team can ensure that you receive the proper Tennant floor cleaning equipment to complete the work safely and efficiently.

Getting Started

Our extensive fleet of Tennant cleaning equipment the flexibility for any industrial cleaning job you may be tackling. If you're able to provide answers to some of the questions below when calling us, our rental team can ensure that you order the appropriate Tennant floor cleaning equipment to complete the work safely and efficiently.

What are you cleaning off the floors?

  • Each type of floor cleaning equipment has its particular application. By identifying exactly what is on the floor we can direct you to the best equipment for that application.
  • For cleaning light dirt and dust on a warehouse floor, for example, we generally recommend using either a Tennant 5680 walk behind scrubber or a T20 ride-on scrubber, depending on the size of the facility. These units will leave the floors completely clean, dry and safe.
  • For industrial post-construction cleaning, however, we normally recommend using a Tennant S30 ride-on sweeper, as it is the best option to remove paint fall, drywall dust, and debris.

How big is the job?

  • Knowing approximately how many square feet is needed to be cleaned is the first important question and deciding which of our Tennant floor scrubber is the best option.
  • The size of warehouse, facility, or parking will determine what size of equipment will work most efficiently.
  • Our rental fleet offers floor scrubbers and sweepers ranging from a 32” walk behind to a 60” large ride on and many sizes in between.
  • The larger machines will cover more space with a wider cleaning path for large industrial buildings where the smaller equipment is more maneuverable for use in tighter spaces.
  • The timeline in which you would like to have the cleaning completed is also an important consideration when deciding which Tennant floor scrubber/sweeper is best-suited to your application.
  • Using a larger unit which scrubs/sweeps more-square feet per hour allows customers to meet strict deadlines during construction or during shutdown and move-in dates.

Propane, or electric?

  • Many industrial buildings and facilities have strict policies regarding the use of propane-powered equipment.
  • Food service facilities may prohibit propane due to health concerns, while underground parking areas may not have suitable ventilation.
  • In the cases where propane is not an option, we offer battery-powered electric equipment for sweeping and scrubbing, which allows for the facility to be cleaned safely.

Detergents - Do I need soap?

  • In most cases, detergent is a good addition to the cleaning process helping to remove dirt, grime, and grease from the floors. Detergent can be used with our Tennant rental scrubbers.
  • We offer two types of detergent for sale that will help with the floor cleaning for different applications. 
  • Formula 50 is a food-grade general-purpose detergent used to help remove minimal grime and dirt.
  • Big Orange is a heavy-duty degreasing detergent and is best suited for applications where there is heavy grease oil or heavy dirt and grime that needs to be removed from the floors. This specialized detergent is quite harsh and should not be used in food grade facilities.
  • It is also important to note that not all applications require detergents. In many instances, water is sufficient to clean the floors and use of detergent is not necessary. 
  • In any case where detergent is used, specifically when a customer chooses to use their own detergent, it is important that powdered detergents are NEVER used, as it can damage the functionality of the equipment over time.

The Next Step

Once you have decided on the best rental equipment for cleaning your facility floors, there are some other considerations to help with the rental process:

On-Site Training

  • As part of every rental that we deliver to our customers, we offer on-site training to anyone who will be operating the floor sweeper or scrubber.
  • Training not only helps customers to learn how to operate the equipment safely and efficiently, but also allows our operators to share helpful tips on the best way to use the equipment for cleaning your facility floors.


  • Many of our Tennant floor cleaning equipment rentals are propane powered. The tanks used on this type of equipment are 33Lb tanks (the same as forklifts). We provide propane for a fee, but customers are welcome to use propane they may have on-site.


  • Cartage (Delivery/pick-up) charges vary depending on where the unit is being delivered. Both delivery and pick-up charges are calculated by postal code. Contact us for exact pricing.
  • If a customer chooses to provide their own transportation arrangements for the equipment there are certain requirements and considerations. 
  • Most importantly, the customer assumes all responsibility for the equipment if it is damaged during transport, even if it is by a third-party delivery service that has been arranged by the customer.
  • If the customer wishes to transport the unit themselves, they must bring a truck or trailer that is licensed to hold the necessary amount of weight, with sufficient strap down points and correct straps to support the weight. If a truck is being used for transport, it must be roll-off or dock-load capable. 
  • None of the equipment can be lifted into a truck. 

Run Time on Rental Equipment 

  • It is important to note that for all our daily floor scrubber and sweeper rentals there is a maximum number of hours the unit can be used per day.

Cleaning Charges

  • Each one of our Tennant floor cleaning units is cleaned, serviced, and tested each time it is returned into our facility. This ensures that each time a unit is rented by one of our customers it is functioning properly, safety, and efficiently. Within our rental policy, we ask that all equipment be returned without waste water or debris in the debris trays and recovery tanks. 
  • If a customer is unable to dispose on the waste collected during the cleaning process, there is a cleaning charge and disposal fee that is charged back to the customer.

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